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ARMotors Exclusive Warranty for Ferrari & Maserati

To preserve the value of your car, ARMotors has created an exclusive warranty for our Ferrari & Maserati clients to help them not only to preserve the value of the car but also to have a “peace of mind” drive for their cars which are up to 7 years old and below 80000 km.


The ARMotors Warranty offers numerous advantages:

  • The possibility of owning a Ferrari & Maserati with a pre-owned warranty coverage for your car
  • Replacement of spare parts and repair work covered by ARMotors Warranty
  • All work is carried out by highly trained and experienced technicians in Ferrari & Maserati
  • Improved residual value of the vehicle over time
  • During the warranty period, coverage will continue to be valid in case the vehicle is sold to a new owner
  • The roadside recovery service will be available whenever you need it at the earliest time possible but only if the vehicle is not in running condition
  • If you wish to upgrade or modify your car, the warranty shall not be voided if ARMotors approves the upgrade and the modifications and carries out the installation.
  • The vehicle must be inspected by ARMotors and a condition report shall be issued to verify the vehicle’s current condition, to record its service history and any previous accidents (the “Condition Report”).
  • The vehicle’s mileage must not exceed 80,000 km and 7 years of age.
  • The vehicle must not have been: a) involved in a serious accident resulting in chassis damage, b) modified, c) stolen, d) taken part in competitions or track days and e) used for long or short term rental by car hire companies.

Subscribing to the warranty program is easy. ARMotors service advisors will be happy to explain to you the subscription process of the program.

Claiming, possible Warranty cancellations, Renewal, condition report and warranty transfer
  • ARMotors warranty is renewable every year and the Condition Report shall be issued on yearly basis before the renewal of the warranty in order to determine whether the vehicle still qualifies for the warranty.
  • In case the vehicle is sold, the ARMotors warranty is transferable at the time of sale of the car to the new owner for the remaining warranty period, but the warranty is not refundable. The new owner must read and accept the warranty Terms & Conditions, sign the Terms & Conditions otherwise the warranty shall not be valid for the remaining warranty period.
  • If the vehicle has a major accident during the warranty period and is not repaired at ARMotors premises or an official Ferrari dealership, the warranty shall be cancelled automatically.
  • Any ARMotors warranty repairs have to be conducted only at ARMotors premises and cannot be done by any other party.
  • If a fault cannot be duplicated or clearly identified while the car is for repair at ARMotors premises, ARMotors has the right to refuse the warranty claim
  • If the owner uses the car despite clear defects on the vehicle causing further damage and resulting in higher repair costs of the vehicle it would void the warranty immediately
Parts covered by the New Power extended warranty in detail:
    • Engine: crankcase and all internal components thereof, cylinder heads and valvetrain, oil radiators, head gaskets, oil sump and oil pump, variable valve timing adjusters, solenoid valve (oil seals and oil leaks in general not covered), ionizing ECU.
    • Ignition/Injection systems: Oxygen sensors, secondary air system (secondary air system pump and valves only).
    • Mechanical gearbox/ F1 gearbox: gearbox casing and differential housings, including all internal components.
    • F1 Power Unit: electric pump, valves; actuator, ECU, selected and engaged gear sensor (oil seals and oil leaks in general not covered).
    • DCT gearbox: gearbox and all internal components, ECU (oil seals and oil leaks in general not covered).
    • Power Transmission Unit: ECU; clutch (rubber gaiters excluded). PTU: all internal components (oil seals and oil leaks in general not covered).
    • Suspension and steering: complete steering box, suspension arm joints, power steering pump (excluding drive belt), toe-in-tie-rods, ECU for controls on steering wheel (oil seals and oil leaks in general not covered).
    • Cooling system: water pumps, fans (leaks in general not covered).
    • Air conditioning/heating: AC system control devices, AC compressor and climate control ECU.
    • Electrical system: alternator, starter motor, ignition coil, engine ECU, transmission ECU, crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, power window motors.
    • Fuel and induction system: injectors, throttle bodies, air flow sensor, intake manifold, pressure regulator, temperature sensors, fuel pipes, fuel pumps.
    • Brake system: hydraulic brake pump, brake pressure regulator and servo.
    • Bodywork: RHT roof function (wear, bodywork and paint defects, seals and water infiltration in general not covered).

Labour relative to the removal/installation and replacement of the aforementioned components. No replacement car will be given during the time of warranty repair and possible parts orders or parts delays.

Not covered in the warranty

Fluids, bulbs, grease, any oil or leaks, recovery if the car is not drivable, service intervals for the car, tires, brake pads and discs, clutch and related parts, normal wear and tear, interior sticky, leather and paint wear due to weather conditions, Accidents, fading or discoloration due to age, force majeure damages or vehicle mishandling, ignorance in services or warnings causing damages, after market car modifications & installation outside ARMotors, non functional parts will be replaced only (slight noise, slight vibration, potential problem or suspected parts should not be prompted by the client)

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