Four Reasons to Book for Pre-purchase Inspection Before Buying a Used Car

So, you just saw a clean, plush Rolls Royce – or is it a Porsche? Maybe a Maserati. Although it has been used, you can tell from what you see that the former user did a great job taking care of this four-wheeled buddy. The aesthetic is breathtaking. It almost feels like a finger has never been laid on it. ‘Oh heavens! ! I can’t wait to bring this baby home,’ you whisper underneath your breath.

The car dealer assures you everything is in good working condition. In fact, he just had it inspected yesterday and the condition report came back perfect. And from what you can see, that is as true as can be. Your brain whispers again – ‘what are you waiting for?! Grab this deal before it is gone.’

I’m sorry to jolt you back to reality, but you could be going home with a cluster of damages wrapped in a beautiful body. Yes, you read right. Without a used car inspection, you can’t really tell what is underneath that beauty.

Many like you have been blinded by aesthetic. Also, they usually come at a good price. So, what’s there not to like?! Only to spend way more money on repairs after a few weeks.

Don’t be caught in that web. Like a new house, you should definitely book for a pre-purchase inspection before buying a used car.


Not convinced yet? Check out these four reasons outlined below. I trust you would make a better choice after reading this article. Stay put!

  • The Quality Isn’t Based on Aesthetics

Of course, the Ferrari has fine finishing. It is a beauty to behold. However, the lifespan of a car depends on the quality of the parts, not the aesthetic. This is one major reason expert advise you get a pre-purchase inspection done before buying a used car. Only a certified mechanic knows what to check and where to check it. With a professional, you are sure to get a holistic condition report on every part of the car, from brakes to exhaust system, electrical components, battery & charging system, and every other relevant part in between. Don’t risk it!

  • Every Damage is Brought to the Light

It is not uncommon to find issues with used cars. As a matter of fact, 70% of pre-purchase inspections always come back with some issues. You will be surprised by what is hidden under the hood. To be completely sure your new Aston Martin or Audi is in perfect condition, you need a pro who can bring every damage to the light. At the end of thes up to continue with the purchase or a red flag to ask for a better deal or forego the en day, you either get a thumbtire deal. It’s always a win situation for you. Give it a try!

  • Save Yourself the Trouble

Imagine cruising with new Lamborghini or McLaren on a cool evening and all of a sudden it comes to an abrupt end. You are stranded in the middle of nowhere. No idea what could be wrong with the new car you just bought. Can it get more frustrating than that?! Oh, well, you can totally save yourself the trouble by booking a used car inspection before paying a fortune on that plush car.

  • Cut Back on Repair Cost

While you may think you are cutting back on cost by not booking a pre-purchase inspection with a pro, you are, in fact, accruing more cost on repairs in the near future. Without a complete diagnosis, you could end up doing all the repairs the dealer should have handled. Even worse, these plush cars can be expensive to repair. Imagine spending a fortune to repair your car after clinching a ‘good deal’ a few weeks back. Trust me, you do not want that! Save yourself the trouble. Book for a pre-purchase inspection before closing that deal.



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