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ARMotors Classic Cars Restoration

Roads in the UAE are filled with some of the world’s most stunning car brands. Popular picks include Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. However, for sports car enthusiasts, and avid collectors, it’s not enough to own new models.

Most specialized automobile centers now have restoration as part of the services they offer. Are you planning to bring back the glory of a vintage sports car in your garage? The process can be expensive, but it’ll be all worth it if handled by professionals.

Car Restoration Process

The amount of work may also depend on the car’s current condition, or deterioration. But, with today’s modern technology and techniques, restoration often results to a better finished and performing sports car. Protection is also improved.

Engines. The true enthusiast will want every aspect of the vehicle looking as original as possible. As a solution, some companies can now supply patterned engine parts for classic cars with the original company branding marks already added.

Bodywork. Apart from dents and scratches, vulnerable areas may be exposed to corrosion. Small areas of corrosion undergo acidic rust treatments. For larger areas, new metal plates need to be welded in. Dents are removed using a flip, hammer and dolly. Remaining depressions are rectified with body filler.

Paintwork. We aim to preserve the spirit and appearance of your classic car when completing a restoration project. ARMotors paint technicians have gone through comprehensive training on the latest paint application technologies, paintwork processes, and color mixing techniques.

Trim and Moldings. We use original trim and moldings to give your car that perfect finishing touch. Headlamp surrounds, door handles, fenders, and badges all add to the final appearance.

Interior Cleaning. The car may need entirely re-upholstering. New seats may be needed, or the dashboard gauges will need replacing. The amount of work needed will depend on the condition of the vehicle. ARMotors can provide you with the best luxury car interior cleaning.

Classic Cars Restoration

If you already own a restoration-worthy car, the first step to do is to consult with a reliable car service center that offers restoration services. What are the aspects of the rebuild? Restorations are not simple DIY projects. They can be entirely out of your league.

As a service center specialized in five super sports cars, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Lamborghini, we use our hi-tech facility and in-depth knowledge of the brands to repair, maintain, and restore your car. We use innovative, new repair methods in all restoration aspects.

ARMotors’ dedicated workshop area is outfitted with diagnostic equipment specifically for sports cars. They can guide you through the process of repair and restoration. Remember to schedule your appointment for your convenience.

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ARMotors Classic Cars Restoration
ARMotors Classic Cars Restoration
ARMotors Classic Cars Restoration
ARMotors Classic Cars Restoration