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Bentley Car Repair and Maintenance Service in Dubai, UAE

Bentley - Maintenance & Service Repair Specialist

Looking for an Bentley service center in Dubai or Abu Dhabi that’s honest, reliable, and affordable? At ARM®, we understand you need your vehicle well taken care of by an Bentley specialist. As an independent car workshop, we repair and service all Bentley models, new and old, at costs that are more competitive as well as cheap than Bentley dealerships and other workshops. We’re backed by a team of some of the best auto mechanics for Bentley in Dubai, which means no job is too big or too complicated for us to handle, whether it’s preventive maintenance, auto repair work, bodywork, or computer diagnostics. We run an ultra-modern Bentley workshop in Dubai on the border to Abu Dhabi that’s equipped with the latest Bentley vehicle diagnostic tester systems, meaning we can carry out all diagnostic and coding functions for your vehicle when the need arises.

Our Bentley service center in Dubai is specially equipped to enable us to service and maintain your vehicle in accordance with Bentley manufacturers’ specifications. We use genuine and aftermarket Bentley parts, so servicing with us ensures that your car is protected. We pay every attention to detail, including making sure your service book is stamped and up to date whenever you visit our Bentley workshop in UAE.


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What to expect from our Bentley Workshop Dubai

What to expect at our Bentley workshop in Dubai

  • Pick up service by our own recovery vehicle.
  • A thorough inspection of your Bentley vehicle is done by our team of highly experienced technicians.
  • We provide a complete inspection report to update you on the status of your vehicle.
  • We give you a time estimate for the job.
  • You authorize the work to proceed.
  • We service/repair your vehicle to the standard required.
  • We carry out a road Test to make sure the job has been done to perfection.
  • We deliver your vehicle to you anywhere in Dubai, washed and vacuumed clean.

In our Bentley Garage Dubai, we have all high-quality equipment and trained technicians to meet the dealer quality standards. As a dealer alternative Bentley service center, we handle all Bentley models repair and maintenance services at affordable Bentley repair costs.

Our Premium Bentley Services

Services we offer are operated within a spacious facility in Dubai. We offer the best services to our reputable customers whilst guaranteeing the best experience. Our Bentley services include:

Bentley Yearly Service

  • Change of Engine oil, oil filter, air filter, AC filter, Differential oil, or Gear oil
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Check all lights
  • Top up all fluids inside the car
  • Reset service lights
  • Read out Clutch worn out percentage(If Applicable)
  • Read out Faults with the Diagnostic tool
  • Check and operate all electrical systems
  • Check any leaks from the engine or gearbox
  • Check all safety-related components
  • Check all other functions and components

Bentley Minor Service

  • Change Engine oil and oil filter
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Check all lights
  • Top up of all fluids inside the car
  • Reset service lights
  • Read out all Faults with Diagnostic tool
  • Adjust headlights and fog lights
  • Check and operate of all electrical systems
  • Check any leaks from engine or gearbox
  • Check all safety related components
  • Check all other functions and components

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

We use the latest technology Fully Laser Machine for wheel alignment and a road force balancing machine to Inspect wheels, check the suspension system, and check its balance on a computerized balancing machine. We ensure the wheel is in the best shape for your use.

Bentley Diagnostic

Modern-day vehicles require sophisticated diagnostic tools to carry out even the most basic jobs, like adjusting headlights. That’s why we use the latest equipment to diagnose faults that may arise in between scheduled
services, cutting down drastically on man-hours that would otherwise be spent checking for faults, saving you money and reducing your vehicle’s downtime.

Interior refurbishment

Enhancing car interior parts from removing and replacing seat kits, headliners, and panels to fabric tops.
ARM® gives your car’s interior the best and most modern look. We work to improve the overall appeal and create a modernized look.

Classic car restoration

we run a diagnosis on old Bentley cars and engage in mechanical tasks and painting services to improve their appearance. Own an old model of Bentley; we use our state-of-the-art technology to give it a spectacular appeal.

Bodyshop Service

we deal with dent removal, crash repairs, and bumper repairs. Also, assist with repairs on alloy wheels and leathers to ensure damaged Ferrari are restored with proper cosmetics in addition to looking brand new.

Bentley Body Repair

At ARM, we have many years’ experience in auto-body and paint repair work in Dubai and handle different kinds of body-work repairs, including collision repairs, chassis straightening, frame, and body alignment, and re-painting. We guarantee professional workmanship by our highly skilled and trained team of spray painters and panel beaters at our state-of-the-art Bentley workshop in Dubai.

Diagnosing, Maintenance, service and repair solution for the following models of Bentley

  • Bentley Bentayga
  • Bentley Continent Flying Spur
  • Bentley Continent Supersports
  • Bentley Continental GT
  • Bentley Continental GT3- R
  • Bentley Continental GT Convertible
  • Bentley Flying Spur
  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Bentley Cont. Convertible
Brands We Service

Best car service and repair center in Dubai for all premium luxury cars. We are the largest independent workshop in Dubai specialized in Exotic Cars, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars repair and maintenance works.

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