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Do you wish to change the look and feel of your favourite car? Your purpose might be, just to have unique styling and designing done to your car, or perhaps to customize some areas of your car as per your comfort. The purpose of this changeover remains the secondary priority, while the primary one being- having the right hands to get the car wrapping & foiling service done for you. If you are looking for professional service of car wrapping and foiling in Dubai, ARM is the most-right choice you could ever make! And that's our word!

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Having changed the aesthetics and ergonomics of a few hundred vehicles in our professional journey of handling luxury automobiles, we can bet on the fact that, you shall take away a brand-new dream along on your second visit to our car workshop in Dubai. So, if you want a luxury car wrapping and foiling service in Dubai, without having a second thought go ahead and call us now!

For Car Wrapping & Foiling of your car

Car Wrapping and Foiling

What is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping enables you to apply almost any and every design on your vehicle that you are in love with. Car wrapping is usually done for the advertisement and marketing purpose of a particular brand. The idea is as simple as- you can advertise your brand where ever you drive your car. Apart from the advertisement, car wrapping can also be done to simply change the original colour of your vehicle or to add small or large graphics to the surface of your car. When it comes to car wrapping you can change the complete design and do the make-over of your car.

What is Car Foiling?

Foiling is yet another form of car wrapping. In this type of car wrapping, a flexible foil is stamped with designs or solid colours usually black. The car foiling effects are usually bright and vibrant and stand out in the crowd for sure. However, some forms of foiling techniques give a mirror-like, reflective effect which needs to be considered beforehand by the car owners.

Want to know how we do it?

Recently we gave a major car wrapping service to one of our loyal customers and here is the step-wise and methodical procedure that our teams followed-

1. Taking measurements of the car or specific areas inside or outside of the car that is to be worked upon
2. Choosing the right colors, graphics, finishing, textures etc. according to the customer’s ideas & wish and of course with the opinion of our subject matter experts.
3. Fitting the thus created graphics, colors etc with exclusive perfection and keenness.
4. Printing and lamination of vinyl to protect the newly created design from scratches or other minor accidental damages.
5. Applying the laminated vinyl to the car.

We offer Car Wrapping and Foiling Service in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and across UAE for below car brands:

• Porsche Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• Ferrari Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• Maserati Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• Aston Martin Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• Lamborghini Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• Audi Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• Bentley Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• McLaren Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• Rolls-Royce Car Wrapping and Foiling Service
• Land Rover Car Wrapping and Foiling Service

We understand your concern for perfection and we assure you that, our expert technicians are up to the mark and shall leave you nothing but delighted while you take our car wrapping services in Dubai for luxury cars!

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