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As an independent car workshop, we repair and service all Rolls Royce models, new and old, at costs that are more competitive as well as cheap than Rolls Royce dealerships and other workshops. Our Rolls Royce service center in Dubai is specially equipped to enable us to service and maintain your vehicle in accordance with Rolls Royce manufacturers’ specifications. We use genuine Rolls Royce parts, so servicing with us ensures that your car is protected.

Rendering the best premium repair services within and around UAE has been our sole focus at ARMotors®, and we will go far and beyond to satisfy our customers. We offer the best and most outstanding repair services to our customers whilst ensuring they experience nothing but the best. ARMotors® are the best at offering high-grade technical, mechanical, & electrical services to Rolls-Royce owners. Our staffs are the best in terms of professionalism, and we will do everything to render the best services.


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Best Rolls-Royce Repair Services

Rolls-Royce is not just a brand; it is a name to reckon with in the automotive industry. This brand is known for the production of luxurious, high-class vehicles of top-notch quality – vehicles of the elites. Founded in the late 1990s, it has been a brand name to respect in every way. This vehicle features an old Phantom model with a new model showcased and sold in 2018.

Other models of this luxurious brand include the Cullinan SUV, Drawn convertible, Wraith luxury coupe, and the Ghost sedan. This car is expectedly among one of the biggest brand names to ever grace the automotive industry, and its spectacular outlook makes it outstanding. ARMotors® pride itself on repairing premium cars, and we work on Rolls-Royce repairs with impeccable skills and talents in getting the vehicles in good shape.

We own a convenient Rolls-Royce Service center in Dubai, where your vehicle will be managed and carefully handled. Our staff understands the essential needs of our customers and will do everything needed to repair, maintain, and service your vehicle.

From Rolls-Royce oil discharge to wheel balancing to tinting services, among others, our qualified and talented staff will handle it all.  Each model of Rolls-Royce varies, and that is why you should trust ARMotors® professionals with the guarantee of offering standardized repair services.

Why Trust ARMotors® Rolls-Royce Repair Specialists?

Quality essential parts: We are your everyday Dubai premium repair service provider, and we pride ourselves in terms of
customer satisfaction. This is achieved with the use of the best and top quality repair parts at our Rolls-Royce repair center in UAE. Every part is significant, and we ensure we source the appropriate quality of damaged or worn-out parts.

Standardized services: ARMotors® does not follow a one-size-fits-all service rendering approach. All services rendered are ensured to be at the right and appropriate range or level. We ensure you can always trust and depend on us in delivering the best when needed.

Mechanized Services: regardless of the service needed, we ensure proper diagnostic is run to determine the technical issue associated with the breakdown. Our specialists make sure your vehicle receives the best repair service.

Rolls Royce Yearly Service

  • Change of oil filter, oil, spark plugs, air filter, and AC filter
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Check all lights
  • Top up all fluids inside the car
  • Reset service lights
  • Read out all electrics with original equipment
  • Adjust headlights and fog lights
  • Check and operate all electrical systems
  • Check any leaks from the engine or gearbox
  • Check all safety related components
  • Check all other functions and components

Condition Report

Get your Rolls Royce condition report with the help of Rolls Royce specialist at ARMotors

Rolls Royce Mechanical Repairs and Services

Major and minor services, routine maintenance, fluids change, Rolls Royce brake pads and disk replacement, air filter replacement, professional Rolls Royce engine diagnostics, oil changes, and more

Rolls Royce Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing

We use the latest technology Fully Laser Machine for wheel alignment and a road force balancing machine to Inspect wheels, check the suspension system, and check its balance on a computerized balancing machine. We ensure the wheel is in the best shape for your use.

Interior refurbishment

Enhancing car interior parts from removing and replacing seat kits, headliners, and panels to fabric tops.
ARMotors® gives your car’s interior the best and most modern look. We work to improve the overall appeal and create a modernized look.

Classic car restoration

Chip tuning, exhaust system modifications, paint caliper, axle measurements, chassis and spoiler kits.

Convenience Rolls Royce car services in Dubai

Recovery Pick up service, pre-purchase inspection, classic car restoration.

Diagnosing, Maintenance, service and repair solution for the following models of Rolls Royce

  • Rolls Royce Cullinan
  • Rolls Royce Dawn
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Rolls Royce Wraith

Brands We Service

Best car service and repair center in Dubai for all luxury cars. We are the largest independent workshop in Dubai specialized in Exotic Cars, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars repair and maintenance works.

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