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Over the years, we've built a robust market reputation on the back of "value-for-money" Services provided by our trained technicians. ARMotors® understand the worth of good customer service and the majority of new clients we have gained from positive word of mouth.

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Smart Suspension Ride Height & Corner Balancing

We offer advanced laser corner balancing and suspension ride height adjustment services. The process involves the suspension of your vehicle to accomplish even distribution of weight across the car's diagonals, and if possible, right to left. Besides, our auto experts consider the weight of passengers and the driver to simulate how the car would move on track. We balance the car through the effective adjustment of the suspension ride height from each corner, done individually by preloading each corner. This will allow the car to be stable and easier to handle on the road through the bends. It will ensure a more fun drive.

Importance of Corner Balancing

A corner-balanced car is vital to have great confidence in the vehicle you'll be driving. The corner balancing presents the ability to increase the grip and utilize it precisely. All this will boost the speed and enhance the drive-ability aspect, therefore creating a regarding drive. Whether you ride on track or on-road, corning weighing is crucial for the best driving experience and must be done before the suspension geometry.

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