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Dry ice blasting is an effective particle spray process that removes dirt coatings from materials like suspension, engine bays, chassis area, sealing surfaces, thread, lifting platforms, exhaust brackets, etc.. The main advantage of this method of cleaning is that it cleans without leaving any residues and prevents damage to delicate electronics caused by cleaning with water. This technology also eliminates the risk of damaging sensitive parts

Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive and non-corrosive cleaning solution that does not produce secondary waste.

Areas of application

It makes all areas clean.  Ice blasters can be used to remove varnishes and paints, oils, grease, tar, bitumen, ink, resin, adhesives, wax, silicone, and rubber residues, chewing gum and a wide range of dirt coatings from different supporting materials. There are also options for removing old varnish from varnished surfaces layer by layer.

Metal Parts: – Engine, chassis, rims, sealing surfaces, thread, tools, lifting platforms

Rubber Parts:- Hoses, handles, seals, exhaust brackets

Electrical Parts

For Carbonic Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Advantages of dry ice blasting

  • Maintain machine productivity
  • Non-abrasive - Will not damage any paint
  • Dry ice blasting alone will remove any loosely adhered rust, surface rust, oxidation, and salts
  • Decrease cleaning time cleaning time reduced by half
  • No secondary waste Requires little to no containment
  • Clean in-place - Clean while components are assembled and in-place
  • Dry clean - No water or chemicals necessary
  • Will not warp metal
  • Access and clean tight crevices
  • No water or caustic chemicals
  • Surfaces are not damaged
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