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Car suspension system repair services in Dubai, UAE

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Are you looking for a car suspension system repair in UAE?

Then, you've landed at the right place, as we're the largest independent trusted auto service and repair workshop in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and across UAE

Your car's suspension system is essentially responsible for your comfortable ride- enhancing perfect vehicle control, balance, and excellent fuel average. A lousy suspension system of a car would make the riding and driving experience uncomfortable and risky. Additionally, it may lead to other potential car issues such as tires, steering, brake, alignment, and more as your car's suspension system is connected to its tires, wheels, and axle.

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Ignoring or being ignorant about the suspension system's sound of even the most luxurious car can prove fatal. If you hear an objectionable sound while turning or stopping your car, reach out to the car suspension services providers in Dubai. Get the car checked to avoid serious trouble.

We use advanced tools to resolve suspension system issues in the most luxurious car brands.

For Suspension Repair of your car

Car Suspension Repair

Acknowledging suspension components damage

1) If you feel every bump driving on the road, it is a clear indication that your car's shocks or struts are worn out and need replacement. Any wetness on suspension parts indicates replacement urgency.
2) If one corner of your car is sitting low, it indicates damaged springs.
3) If your car pulls to one side, either left or right, it is the most problematic suspension issue that is difficult to diagnose and requires expert consultation.
4) The car makes noise while braking/rolls to one side while cornering or squats while accelerating indicates the car's suspension system requires urgent inspection.
5) Any difficulty in handling the steering while driving slowly is also due to suspension parts issues.
6) A minor accident sometimes may result in suspension damage to the car.

When is the time to visit the suspension system repair expert?

Time and usage decide the car's suspension parts wear and tear. A periodic inspection ensures the longevity of the components. Also, regular oil change services are good practice. Additionally, make sure to keep the tab on:-

1) Rubber bushing on various parts of the suspension system.
2) Wetness on suspension parts due to oil leakage
3) Ensure proper top-up of grease fillings with every oil change routine
4) Apparent signs of inflammation, leakage, or cracks appearing on the suspension parts
5) Squeaky shocks require immediate diagnosis by an expert suspension system repair mechanic.

Why choose ARMotors?

As traveling on the road requires a perfect suspension system, our specialists will diagnose every part of the suspension system in your car. Our specialists provide an edge over others as they are:-

• Qualified professionals trained in tracing and repairing the shock absorbers and suspension system-related issues instantly.
• Have years of experience to apply proper diagnosis and fix every issue of your car.
• Provide free inspection and estimation services for first-time drive-in customers.
• Offers quick and affordable car suspension services within the given timeframe.

We ensure a comfortable driving experience always

Our car suspension repair services in Dubai include:-

• Struts and axles inspection & repair
• Performance suspension upgrade
• Suspension alignments
• Car shocks repairs
• Undercarriage services

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