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Professional Auto detailing Service

Car detailing deals with cleaning your car from inside as well as outside. And we would like to draw your attention to its importance because car detailing is preventive maintenance of your car, which, when done at regular intervals can avoid major breakdowns of your car. If you are looking for car detailing services or car polishing in Dubai, keep scrolling to discover our expertise in the area and why you should opt for ARM’s car polishing services in Dubai:

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Car Polishing

Car wash is a basic activity that any car owner can conduct from ordinary helpers. However, car polishing is an expert’s job. Because there are various activities involved in car polishing so as to resolve various issues with respect to the aesthetics of the car, the process is complex. Car polishing involves the removal of dirt, dust, or soil particles with the usual car washing process. Car washing is followed by, minimizing or removal of scratches from the car’s surface. The next activity involved in car polishing is obviously restoring the shine or glaze of the car’s body. The ultimate aim of a car polishing service is to make your vehicle look brand-new and shiny.

For Suspension Repair of your car

Car Polishing

Detailed steps of car polishing:

Here’s how we did an esteemed customer’s Car polishing in Dubai just a couple of weeks back:

1. Hand washing of the car
2. Outer body cutting
3. Removal of dark and intense marks if any
4. Outer body polishing
5. Primary scratch removal
6. Wheels’ cleaning
7. Wheels and bumper polishing
8. Glass and windshield cleaning and polishing

Why should you do car polishing?

1. Because it is the necessity of your car
2. It can enhance the life and performance of your car
3. It can make your car look new and shiny
4. It makes your drive a good one

We offer car polishing services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and across UAE for below car brands:

Porsche Car polishing service
Ferrari Car polishing service
Maserati Car polishing service
Aston Martin Car polishing service
Lamborghini Car polishing service
Audi Car polishing service
Bentley Car polishing service
McLaren Car polishing service
Rolls-Royce Car polishing service
Land Rover Car polishing service

So, get in touch with us today for more details and get your car polishing done at the earliest!

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