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Car Window Tinting in Dubai, UAE

We use premium quality STC window tint Nano HP layer with 99% heat rejection . Call 04 580 4488 to get a quote.

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Car Window Tinting/Tint Installation

Tint your car and update your car's aesthetic, comfort and keep your car cool while driving .

ARM use STC window tint Nano HP layer with 99% heat rejection .

  • Standard Tint - 2 year warranty- 30 and 50% darkness
  • Premium Tint (upgraded version of NLHP and better quality than NLHP) - 5 year warranty- 30 and 50% darkness
  • Clear Tint for front windscreen

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Advantages of window tinting

Protect car's windscreen with Windscreen Protection Film.

  • significantly reduces the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bulls’ eyes due to road hazards
  • Enhance vehicle safety
  • Cost effective than replacing a windshield.
  • Better hydrophobicity.
  • Scratch resistant
  • Protects during foul weather
  • Optical clarity
  • Reduce heat, UV and glare

For Tint Installation

Important Factors to Consider

There are cases when tinting becomes a problem for car owners especially when the window film that they have chosen does not compliment their need or the existing traffic regulations in their area. Tints that are too dark could make driving difficult especially at night. In the UAE, for example, the maximum tint percentage to the side and rear windows should not be more than 30 percent. Front windows should not have any tints at all. These regulations should be strictly followed unless there is prior authorization given by traffic authorities granted usually based on medical reasons. Given all these, it is important to us that every car owner will be informed about these details before choosing the window film for their vehicle..

Applying Window Tints

There are a lot of ways to apply window tints. Although there are available do-it-yourself window tinting application products in the market, the outcome may not always be that desirable. That is why it is important to get professional services for window tinting especially for cars handled by ARMotors.

When looking for the right workshop for window tinting on luxury sport cars, look no further as ARMotors has the just the right services to offer. We are not only known for our expertise and accreditation in handling luxury car related servicing. We are also known to offer the latest car servicing, maintenance and repair technologies. For car window tinting, we offer three kinds of services – front windshield, side and rear window tint normal and side and rear window tint premium.

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