Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to buy a used car ? We know that buying a used car is not an easy decision. In most cases both the buyer and the seller may not have sufficient technical knowledge and proper tools to inspect the car properly, which can lead used cars buyers to lose money. In this case, a thorough pre-purchase inspection is important. Arrange a pre-purchase inspection with the specialist at ARMotors.

At ARMotors, our trained and skilled professionals carry out the vehicle inspection, advice about the vehicle condition and provide you the details on the upcoming work to be done in the near future.

Whats Included In The Report

ARMotors provides full detailed vehicle inspection report which includes the following.

  1. Full Inspection of the Vehicle for previous repairs and collision including chassis damage
  2. Measuring the paint thickness, paint works, condition, oxidization and color match if repaired previously.
  3. Interior Inspection
  4. General Performance, Engine condition, Engine over rev.
  5. Under the hood – look for oil leaks, exhaust leaks, exhaust smoke and fluid condition.
  6. Mechanical defects, gearbox, clutch, suspension, bearings etc
  7. Electrical components and equipments function check
  8. Tyre condition, wear, age and general condition
  9. Exhaust system condition
  10. Analysis of service history

We provide supporting estimate for the works need to be done on the car after inspection report.

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