5 Transmission Trouble Signs You Should Never Ignore

Like the human body, your four-wheeled buddy deserves the best treatment there is. You see a doctor when you feel sick, right? The same measure should be applied to your car.

That said, we do understand that spotting transmission troubles can be a helluva task. For starters, the transmission is part of the engine, making it a lot more difficult to tell when it is acting up, as you can not exactly see it.

It is no wonder ‘how to detect transmission trouble in a car’ is one of the most recurring questions we get from clients. In this article, we took the time to outline the major telltales that indicate transmission troubles may be lurking in the dark. Read on to learn more. Enjoy the ride!

  1. Gear Switch Struggles

With the right transmission fluid, you shouldn’t struggle to switch between gears. As a matter of fact, issues with gear switch clearly depict troubles in your engine, and this is mostly associated with transmission. Should you find yourself fighting to switch between gears, it is your car’s way of screaming – take me to the ‘doctor’ now. Don’t ignore this cry for help!

  1. Dark or Burnt Transmission Fluid

This is yet another critical sign you should never ignore. Typically, the transmission fluid should have a bright red color and a unique smell. However, this is not the case with a faulty transmission. The bright red coloration could change to dark and opaque. Another way to tell there is a problem is the smell of. It usually goes from its distinctive smell to a foul burnt smell. At this moment, you shouldn’t hesitate to take it for a check-up. Don’t risk it!

3. Abnormal Sounds

As obvious as this sign is, it is painful to say it is the most ignored transmission trouble sign. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and cash if you get your car checked as soon as it starts giving off unusual sounds. Don’t wait until it goes off in the middle of the highway. Get it checked now!

4. Transmission Fluid Leak

This is a common sign that anyone can easily pick up. You do not need to be a pro in car issues to tell your car has an issue when you see your transmission fluid littering your driveway. The bright red coloration makes it even easier to tell where the troubles at. So, you know what is wrong right away. What’s next? Take it to an expert!

5. Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Although your Check Engine light indicates a plethora of issues in the engine, we have noticed that there is a huge chance that the problem is actually with the transmission. Personally, I advise clients to pay attention to this little telltale because it is the fastest diagnostic measure your car has. Before you can even hear or see a problem, your Check Engine light would have picked up the problem several days or weeks ago. Don’t ignore the little things!


While transmission problems can be pretty difficult to pinpoint, there are signs that, if paid due attention, clearly screams – take me to an expert now. Do not ignore these 5 transmission trouble signs. Save yourself the trouble and extra cost. Visit an expert auto repair shop ASAP!



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