A Foolproof Guide on Ferrari Maintenance Tips and Choosing the Best Ferrari Service Center

Ferrari repair and the cost of maintaining a Ferrari are two major reasons people shy away from these four-wheeled beauties. Let’s face it, buying a Ferrari is quite the investment. To ensure your baby stays in good condition and appreciate in value, you will have to pay close attention to its maintenance and stick with the best Ferrari workshop Abu Dhabi – and that is where the trouble’s at.

Oh, well, it is not as bad as they make it sound. With a professional Ferrari workshop Dubai such as ARMotors, rest assured your car will be kept in good working condition, thus boosting its resale value. Here is a quick guide on Ferrari maintenance tips and how best to choose a Ferrari service center. Enjoy the ride!

3 Pro Ferrari Maintenance Tips to Boost Resale Value

  1. Stay Away From Automated Car Washes

Unlike most cars, Ferrari is best hand washed. It comes with a ceramic coating too delicate for automated car washes. I would advise you stick with handwashing for as long as possible. While you are at it, be sure to use plush sponges or mitts instead of flat weave towels. Sponges are best at removing bio-hazards, which, if left unchecked, could lead to deterioration of your car’s coating with time.

Insider tip: Make sure you use two different buckets while washing. Fill one of the buckets with clean water and let the other hold the soapy water. This way you do not leave swirl marks after washing.

PS: If you must visit a car wash, be sure to stick with a professional Ferrari repair center who knows how to handle Ferrari. Don’t risk it!

  1. Don’t Cut Corners with Maintenance

Maintaining a Ferrari might seem like a heinous task to take on, however, skimping on maintenance will definitely cost you more in the long run. Why not spend that 2500AED on servicing and maintenance and save yourself from spending 1000AED on parts?! Don’t wait until it is too late. Be proactive!

ARM New Workshop

3. Critical Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Ferrari Service Center

The longevity of your car depends on how well you handled it and the Ferrari Workshop Dubai you visit. Only a professional Ferrari service center like ARMotors understands the procedures and engineering of the car. Therefore, they are in the best position to help you maintain the longevity and resale value.

Here are some critical factors to help you choose the best Ferrari service center for your car.

  1. Experience Level

As basic as this may sound, it is very critical to add it to this list. Most times, customers tend to look at the number of years the business has been in operation to determine their experience level. Forgetting that the head mechanic may be a new employee. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

2. Reviews

To get the best Ferrari workshop Dubai, it is best to rely on word-of-the-mouth recommendations and online reviews. While the repair shops could misrepresent their skills and experience, online reviews and recommendations from past clients are totally free from lies.

3. Specialty

Now, you have narrowed the list down to a few options, it is crucial to settle for one that is vast in the field. Remember you will always bring your car there for repairs. Consequently, you need a go-to spot that you can trust to handle any issues the car may develop along the line.



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